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Embracing the Green Apron: Meet Three Starbucks Partners Redefining Limitless Possibilities

By Starbucks PH | July 1, 2024


  • Starbucks is set out to be a different kind of company. Every partner plays a vital role in advancing its shared mission, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity — a place where everyone feels welcomed, where partners feel they truly belong.

    Three partners from the Philippines shared their experiences, challenges, and approaches to achieving success while balancing their work at Starbucks with other aspects of their lives. All of them started as part-time partners (employees), and their stories narrate the remarkable journeys they embarked on. Whether you're already a partner, considering joining the Starbucks team, or one of our loyal customers, their stories offer valuable insights and inspiration for your own path ahead.

    Meet Lyka: Aspiring Journalist and Advocate for Women Empowerment

    Lyka Fatalla is a 23-year-old part-time barista at The Rock Holy Spirit Drive and a proud Global Coffee Master. For the past year, she has been dedicating herself to perfecting her craft, seamlessly blending her work at Starbucks with her studies. From her first day as a Starbucks partner to now, Lyka's journey has been one of growth and gratitude. Her favorite coffee, Pike Place, and her go-to handcrafted beverage, a White Mocha Breve No Water Americano, reflect her evolving tastes and expertise. To Lyka, being a Starbucks partner means embodying inspiration and leadership, crafting beyond coffee, and creating genuine connections with each customer, enriching their day with exceptional service and the perfect brew.

    Beyond her role, Lyka nurtures ambitions outside the coffee counter. She aspires to be a journalist, passionate about writing articles and organizing events like pageants. Her creativity extends to crafting clay earrings, aligning with her commitment to environmental sustainability. Lyka's advocacy for women empowerment finds expression within the Starbucks community, where she champions inclusivity and gender equality.

    Meet Edward: A Selfless Breadwinner and Passionate Motorcycle Enthusiast with a Love for Travel

    Edward Llanzana's Starbucks journey began as a part-time partner, evolving into a full-time role over the past two years at Starbucks 6789 store in Makati City. Balancing work with school initially seemed challenging, especially with graveyard shifts, but Edward's determination and Starbucks' support propelled him to success. Throughout his journey, Edward benefited greatly from his managers' mentorship and guidance, as well as support from his fellow partners.

    Edward, the eldest and breadwinner for his large family, dreams of buying his own house and doing well in his career to secure his siblings' future. Despite the difficulties, he supports them financially every way that he can. "My personal goal is to someday own a house and establish my own business. I aspire to ensure the best possible life for my siblings, particularly in terms of their education. That's why every sacrifice I make is worthwhile,” he says.

    Despite his responsibilities, he finds joy in leisure activities like basketball, gaming, and motorcycle rides, the latter allowing him to explore the Philippines and forge connections along the way.

    In both work and life, Edward emphasizes meaningful connections, whether with family, colleagues, or customers. Starbucks has been pivotal in fostering these connections, enabling him to grow personally and professionally.

    Meet LA: An Inspiring Leader and Dedicated Partner on a Journey of Growth

    LA Lorenzo's Starbucks journey began amidst uncertainty during the pandemic, transitioning from a part-time to a support center partner role in the operations team, for over two years. Grateful for Starbucks's opportunities, LA sees his role as a platform for continuous growth and leadership development.

    With a background in sports, particularly folk dancing and volleyball, LA brings discipline and teamwork to its role, fostering a positive atmosphere for customers and colleagues. Outside of work, his passion for travel and youth empowerment advocacy motivates him to inspire others to reach their dreams. LA reflects on his journey at Starbucks, realizing that it’s not just about being a partner; it's about continually striving for more and embracing every opportunity for growth.

    These partner stories offer valuable insights into their journeys, showcasing their progress and experiences. They all fondly remember their beginnings as partners, cherishing the wonderful memories that come with it.

    "At Starbucks Philippines, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and offering meaningful career paths to all our partners. Aligned with our new mission, we foster human connections through our partners, creating an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive and succeed,” said Isabel Cacho, Partner Resources head at Starbucks Philippines.

    If you are interested in exploring opportunities with Starbucks Philippines, visit the careers page today.

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    About Rustan Coffee Corporation
    Rustan Coffee Corporation, the licensee of Starbucks Philippines, opened its flagship store at 6750 Makati on December 4, 1997. The company now operates more than 400 outlets across over 60 cities nationwide as of 2024. Discover the renowned Starbucks experience by visiting our stores or exploring their offerings online at
    Starbucks Philippines secures a spot as the #6 in the Retail and #15 overall in the Retail and Consumer Goods sector in Prosple Philippines' 2024 Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates. Prosple is a global jobs board dedicated to supporting university students worldwide.

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