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Starbucks® Delivers

Your Starbucks® run just got easier.

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Starbucks® Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep

Find out if delivery is available near you through our partners' app. Start your day and order to get your Starbucks® favourites delivered to you via GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pick.A.Roo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order Starbucks® Delivers?
To get started, simply order through the GrabFood or foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo app.
Can the full menu of items available at my local Starbucks store be delivered?
To maintain the high standards of quality and consistency we know you expect from us, we’ve optimized our menu for delivery. Consequently, select food and beverage items are currently unavailable for delivery.
Can I pay for Starbucks Delivers with my Starbucks Card or Starbucks® app?
Paying for delivery with a Starbucks Card or Starbucks® app isn’t supported at this time. We encourage you to use your GrabFood or foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo for delivery.
Will I earn Stars when I order through Starbucks® Delivers?
Earning of Stars is now possible on GrabFood. A Starbucks Rewards member can collect 1 Star for every ₱40 spent on Starbucks orders on GrabFood. Simply link the Starbucks Rewards account to a Grab app account. To link accounts for the first time: 1. Go to the Food tile on the Grab app and search for Starbucks to order. 2. Once you’ve completed your order, go to the ‘Loyalty and Membership’ section on the Order Summary page. Click ‘Add Account’ and type in your Starbucks Rewards log-in details. 3. Once you’ve received a notification that you’ve successfully linked your accounts, you will start collecting Stars on all paid and completed GrabFood deliveries. There’s no need to link accounts every time you order Starbucks on GrabFood after.
Is Starbucks® Delivers available near me?
To find out if delivery is available where you are, enter your location on the Grabfood or foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo app.
What do I do if I have an issue with my delivery?
Please reach out to GrabFood or foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo customer service if you have issue with your delivery.